Photography Courses

Photography is a passion that can transform the way we see the world around us. It’s also incredibly useful in business. By understanding the basics of photography, you can:

  • Take your own product photos
  • Create images for social media
  • Produce videos and stories
  • Document the stages of project development (such as in construction)

Photography courses not only develop technical skills but also expand our artistic horizons. Whether you’re a beginner enthusiast or an advanced photographer, you’ll find a course that meets your expectations and helps develop your passion.

photography courses

A Good Photography Course

A good photography course takes you step by step through all the stages of taking excellent photos. Starting from understanding the basic principles of composition and lighting, through choosing the right equipment, to post-production techniques. In such a course, you will learn how to use the potential of your camera and how to express yourself through photography. Whether your goal is to photograph nature, people, or events, a good course provides a solid foundation on which you can build your artistic vision.

Online Photography Course

In the digital age, learning photography has become more accessible than ever. An online photography course is a great option for those who value flexibility and convenience. You can learn at your own pace, in any place and at any time, having access to online educational materials. My online course can be found at

It provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of photography, from the basics to advanced techniques, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to delve into the intricacies of taking pictures. It’s worth noting that while an online course provides knowledge and can be a helpful cheat sheet, the skill of photography itself is best learned through training, workshops, and online courses.

Professional Photo Workshops

Professional photography workshops for businesses must be a good place to increase competencies. I take the conduct of courses very seriously; I am not only an experienced photographer but also a graduate of the School of Trainers of the Jagiellonian University Academy, School of Training Project Managers, and have experience as a Training Project Manager in business training.

Course Proposals for Small and Medium Enterprises

good photography courses

Mini Photography Workshops at Your Event

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you took photos as you usually do, only instead of random light, you had professional studio lighting at your disposal? And if you had a professional camera with the best portrait lens in your hand? How would the photos turn out then? And if, instead of a colleague, a professional model you know from the covers posed for you? And if the photos were subjected to professional retouching and all this was done during one corporate event? Here is more information about mini event workshops

Portrait Photography Course

Portrait photography is one of the most demanding but also satisfying fields of photography. The portrait photography course focuses on techniques that capture the personality and emotions of the model. Participants learn how to use light, background, and composition to create a portrait that speaks more than a thousand words. This course will teach you how to create a strong visual dialogue between the model and the viewer.

I Photograph Myself – Photography in Business

In today’s world of visual marketing, the ability to take high-quality photos is invaluable for small and medium-sized businesses. The course on photography in a small or medium-sized business focuses on techniques for creating attractive product photos, business portraits, and corporate photos. This investment can significantly improve the quality of a company’s image in social media, on websites, and in advertising materials.

Retouching Course

The ability to retouch photos is a key element in the work of every photographer. The photo retouching course will teach you how to use image editing programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom to improve the quality of photos, give them a unique style, or correct minor imperfections. From basic color correction to advanced image manipulation, this course opens the door to the world of photographic post-production.

Photography for Models, Photography for Makeup Artists

This specialized course is aimed at those working in the fashion and beauty industry, such as models and makeup artists. Participants learn how to best present themselves in front of the camera, how to use light and poses to emphasize makeup, clothing, or styling. This is the perfect course for those who want to build a professional portfolio and learn how to effectively collaborate with photographers in the fashion industry.

Direct links: photography course for models and photography course for makeup artists.

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